Foundation Funds

The funds listed here, totaling $9,490,874 as of Dec 31 2016, comprise the entirety of the capital assets of ESVCF.

Fund assets are managed by the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, which annually makes available for each fund’s charitable purposes 4.5% of the fund’s trailing 12 quarter average balance.

Designated Funds

Johnsen Peregrination Fund, 2005

Kellam Family Fund, 2005

Benjamin W. Mears, Jr. Family Fund, 2005

Shore Bank Fund, 2006

Shore Cancer Center Fund, 2008

The Garden Club of the Eastern Shore Fund, 2013


Donor Advised Funds

David B. and Suzanne VK. Tankard Fund, 2005

Robin A. Rinaca and Nicholas J. Covatta, Jr. Fund, 2006

“E. A.” and George N. McMath Edgewater Fund, 2007

Lisa and David Tankard, Jr. Fund, 2007

Tonya T. and Samuel V. Tankard Fund, 2007

Richard and Joie Tankard Conservation Fund, 2008

Cherrystone Fund, 2010

Maureen and Augustine H. Lawrence, III Fund, 2013

Kitty and Tim Croke Fund, 2014


Donor Advised Quasi Funds

E Polk Kellam Fund I, 2016

E Polk Kellam Fund II, 2016

Unrestricted Funds

Meadville Fund, 2005

Chad Ballard Fund, 2006

PNC Bank Fund, 2006

Tom and Page Young Fund, 2007

Nandua Fund, 2008

C. J. Prettyman, Sr. Fund, 2008

Donald J Trufant Memorial Fund, 2015


Organizational Funds

Eastern Shore Community College Foundation Fund, 2005

Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation Fund, 2005

The Auxiliary of Shore Memorial Hospital Fund, 2006

Broadwater Academy Fund, 2006

Eastern Shore Family YMCA Branch of the YMCA of South Hampton Roads Fund, 2006

Eastern Shore of Virginia Barrier Islands Center Endowment Fund, 2006

Broadwater Academy Julia B. Fleet Endowment For Faculty Compensation, 2006

Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore Fund, 2009

Friends of Northampton Free Library, Inc., 2010

Randy Custis Memorial Fund, Inc., 2011

Virginia Eastern Shore Land Trust, 2012

Chincoteague Island Library Endowment Fund, 2013

Museum of Chincoteague Endowment Fund, 2015